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Stereo Steady-State or Pulsed X-ray Imaging

A number of commercially available image processing and analysis software packages (e.g. Aphelion, Cognex ImagePro, Common Image Blox, Halcon and Scorpion Vision ) can be used to calibrate the volume space and allow the x,y,z co-ordinates of a particle or an object feature to be accurately measured.

RadSci can provide support in the evaluation of the 3D and stereo imaging requirements (pulsed or steady state), including selection of the hardware and software and implementation of a working option for customer use.

Low energy X-ray (65 kV)  images of binoculars. Anaglyph 3D - red and cyan filters.

Amorphous silicon X-ray imaging plate

Pulsed X-ray image of metal particles in water

Pulsed X-ray source

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