John D Rogers (Consultant)

John graduated in physics from Manchester University in 1960. He worked

as a Scientific Officer in the UK Atomic Energy Authority for 2 years at AEE

Winfrith and then at Windscale, carrying out reactor physics experiments

on the ZENITH graphite reactor in the International DRAGON High

Temperature Reactor project and on the first AGR during its loading to

critical in the summer of 1962.
He returned to University to complete an M.Sc. in reactor physics and

engineering and then to do his Ph.D. in neutron physics using a pulsed

neutron source (at Birmingham University).

Following a 1½ year  stint, up to 1969, as a consultant to the Turkish

Atomic Energy Commission in their Ankara Nuclear  Research Centre,

he moved to the post-graduate engineering institute COPPE of the

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he was Professor

of Nuclear Engineering and Head of the Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory

until 1984. During this period at COPPE, he spent a one year sabbatical at General Atomic, California working with John Barton and measuring the cold neutron spectrum of the TRIGA Mk F neutron radiography beam, the results of which were presented at the 1st World Conference on Neutron Radiography in 1981. 

Dr Rogers joined Roll-Royce plc in Bristol as Research Manager of the Advanced Projects Department where some of the major projects included digital imaging developments in high energy X-ray radiography of operating aero-engines, positron emission tomography (PET imaging) of oil flows in operating machinery and transportable neutron radiography systems for industrial NDT with an Oxford Instruments superconducting magnet cyclotron and digital CCD camera imaging. The PET and neutron radiography projects were carried out in collaboration with the Physics Department at Birmingham University.

On transferring to Rolls-Royce in Derby, John became Radiation Specialist in the RR Applied Science Laboratory and worked on radiation imaging projects until taking early retirement in 2002, at which point RadSci Consultancy was set up. One of the major projects carried out with Scitek Consultants Ltd of Derby, U.K. was the design and construction of a complete Cold Neutron Radiography Facility (CNRF) for the SPRR-300 research reactor at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Physics in Mianyang, China, completed in 2012. 

He continued his association, as Honorary Senior Research Fellow (from April 2009 to April 2021), with the Physics Department at Birmingham University where he had a digital neutron and x-ray imaging system set up in the Dynamitron laboratory of the Medical Physics building. This was available for use by students completing their final project on the M.Sc. course in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors.