May 2020 



Egyptian objects from the Kha and Merit grave goods.

Left: sealed ceramic vase investigated through neutron techniques, neutron radiography, and PGAA plot with the labels of the detected isotopes;

Right: Egyptian metallic vase (situla), neutron radiography and one of the acquired diffraction patterns

Figure published in the paper:

"Neutrons for Cultural Heritage—Techniques, Sensors, and Detection"

Giulia Festa , Giovanni Romanelli , Roberto Senesi, Laura Arcidiacono, Claudia Scatigno, Stewart F. Parker, M. P. M. MarquesCarla Andreani 

Sensors 2020, 20(2), 502;             


Reproduced with permission from G. Romanelli, Sensors; published by MDPI, 2020.

April 2020 



Left: radiographic image of maltodextrin particles (x = 3.55 mm, c = 0.05 w/w) with the respective transmission scale;

Right: tomographic image of the maltodextrin particle (x = 3.55 mm, c = 0.05 w/w) at a height of 1.55 mm (red line in the left image) with the absorption scale (a.u.); the particle edge is represented by the red dotted line; the green line indicates the actual position of the drying front.


Figure published in the paper:-

"Development of an experimental setup for in situ visualization of   lyophilization using neutron radiography and computed   tomography."

Hilmer MPeters JSchulz MGruber SVorhauer NTsotsas E, Foerst P

Reproduced from The Review of Scientific Instruments, 01 Jan 2020, 91(1):014102, with the permission of AIP Publishing.

DOI: 10.1063/1.5126927 PMID: 32012547 

Example of a neutron microtomography using the PSI 'Neutron Microscope’ at the ILL-D50 beamline: A vertical slice from a neutron microtomography dataset showing dendritic
microstructures of lead, voids and gold in a sample of a gold-lead alloy.
Figure published in the WCNR-11 paper:
"PSI ‘Neutron Microscope’ at ILL-D50 Beamline - First Results"

Pavel Trtik, Michael Meyer, Timon Wehmann, Alessandro Tengattini, Duncan Atkins, Eberhard Lehmann, Markus Strobl
Materials Research Proceedings 15 (2020) 23-28
Reproduced by permission of the authors.

March 2020