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The 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT) will be held in Seaoul, Korea, June 8-12 ,2020.

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IMAT commissioning is mostly completed for imaging components and the instrument parameters have been evaluated

The IMAT user programme started officially in March 2018 and IMAT is open for cold neutron radiography, tomography and energy-resolved imaging applications.

Ref: Winfried Kockelmann et al ,

"Wavelength-resolved neutron imaging on IMAT"

WCNR-11, Sept 2018, Sydney, Australia

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Chadwick's neutron chamber replica

NR of chamber (end on)

Chamber NR (end on)

We wish you all a happy, healthy and productive  2020 

We wish you all a happy, healthy and productive



  • Symposium "Neutron Imaging @ PSI" to mark the retirement of Eberhard Lehmann

  • The ITMNR-8 conference held in Beijing, China on 4-8 September 2016

  • The WCNR-10 conference held in Grindelwals, Switzerland on 5-10 October 2014

  • The ITMNR-7 neutron radiography conference held in Canada

  • The first neutron radiography video of an operating aero-engine

  • Happenings in and around the MoD aircraft maintenance station at RAF St.Athan over the last 75 years

  • Listing of neutron radiography applications in science and engineering that have been investigated in depth

  • Early cold neutron imaging of automobile engines


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