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June 2021


Aaron Craft draws everyone's attention to a Technical Meeting on Advances in Neutron Detectors for Neutron Scattering and Imaging Applications hosted by the IAEA to be held virtually via Cisco Webex from 30 August to 3 September 2021.   

The purpose of the event is to review developments in neutron detectors for neutron scattering and neutron imaging applications, providing a platform for international cooperation and networking of future developments in these fields. A completed Participation Form should be submitted before 7 June 2021.  

Prof. Wolfgang Treimer invites research paper submissions for a special "Advances in Neutron Imaging" issue of the journal Applied Sciences. 
The aim is to publish many different papers on neutron imaging to popularize this technique in neutron scattering and other interdisciplinary scientific research.

Submission deadline is 31 May 2021.

For more information contact:


Prof. Fayçal KHARFI has announced that the 1st International Conference and School on Radiation Imaging (ICSRI), scheduled for 2020 at Ferhat Abbas University, Algeria has been relaunched for 26-30 Sept 2021 in Setif. Date for submission of abstracts is at :-

May 2021 Neutron Image of the Month


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Congratulations to Marios and SCITEK Consultants Ltd  who moved into their new offices in Victory Road, Derby, U.K. on the 10th December 2020.

SCITEK designed, built and installed the Cold Neutron Radiography Facility on the China Mianyang Research Reactor (CMRR) in Sichuan, China.

In addition, they provide advanced engineering services to clients in a variety of sectors including aerospace, defence, power generation and automotive and carry out collaborative R & D programmes with academic and industrial partners.

For more information:-

The IAEA has announced the launch of a new 

Neutron Imaging E-Learning Course with registration being made via the IAEA Portal NUCLEUS. 


Frikkie de Beer has announced his early

retirement from Necsa, Pretoria. In his

32 years at Necsa, he created and made

operational a microfocus X-ray CT facility

that complemented the NRAD facility on

the South African SAFARI-1 reactor that is currently in the process of being upgraded to maintain these facilities as one of the major laboratories in the field of nuclear NDT studies.  He has been involved in many international projects at laboratories around the world and been instrumental in furthering the use of neutron techniques in NDT with students and professional users in South African industry and academia. He has been president of the International Society of Neutron Radiography and hosted the highly successful World Conference on Neutron Radiography WCNR-9 at the Kwa-Maritane, Pilansberg National Park in 2010. We wish him good health and success in his new projects.

Combining neutron and X-ray tomography. a 3D-rendered image of co-registered X-ray (rendered in grey) and neutron data (red). Virtual cuts reveal the interior structure of the sand column including the cardboard disc and some of the potential MP particles. The front cutting plane is also displayed in 2D as X-ray (b) and neutron image (c) to illustrate the complementary character of these imaging modalities. d The bivariate histogram of a sample sub-volume containing a plastic and a mineral particle labelled with “1” and “2”, respectively. The histogram illustrates that the different components can be better identified by dual-mode imaging. The red-marked area is the target range fulfilling both thresholds and thus the voxels assigned to belong to MPs

Figure 3 from the paper "Non-invasive detection and localization of microplastic particles in a sandy sediment by complementary neutron and X-ray tomography" by C. Tötzke, S.E. Oswald, A. Hilger and N. Kardjilov, published in the Journal of Soils and Sediments in Jan 2021.

This paper was published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and permission for displaying this figure was given by S.E. Oswald.

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Graphical abstract published with the paper "Spectral neutron tomography"

K.V.Tran, R.Woracek, N.Kardjilov, H.Markötter, A.Hilger, W.Kockelmann, J.Kelleher, S.B.Puplampu, D.Penumadu, A.S.Tremsin, J.Banhart, I.Manke

MaterialsToday Advances, Volume 9, March 2021, 100132

Reproduced by permission of the authors, in particular, Robin Woracek

Recently published by the ASNT: The Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Fourth Edition: Volume 3, Radiographic Testing RT) offers revised and expanded content throughout, including over 150 new color images contributed by practitioners around the world. A chapter on neutron radiography has been added, as well as new technical information in the areas of digital imaging, data processing, and digital image reconstruction
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News from Argentina that due to the deteriorating COVID-19 situation, the 6th ITMNR meeting in Buenos Aires has been postponed.

After 40 years of successful neutron research in Berlin-Wannsee, the research reactor BER II was finally shut down at the end of 2019. It will be dismantled over the next two decades.

The WCNR-11 conference in Sydney was a big success and the proceedings have become available at
For more details of the meeting plus other developments in the Neutron Imaging field visit the INSR website
Details of the WCNR-11 programme with PowerPoint files of many of the presentations are at
The 12th WCNR will be held at the Idaho National Laboratory in 2022 and Aaron Craft has been elected as the new ISNR President.
The 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT) will be in Incheon, Korea, Feb 28 - Mar 4, 2022.

The latest ISNR newsletter is at: 

Earlier NR Newsletters (1964 - 1977) :  Compilation 1   and  Compilation 2



  • Symposium "Neutron Imaging @ PSI" to mark the retirement of Eberhard Lehmann

  • The ITMNR-8 conference held in Beijing, China on 4-8 September 2016

  • The WCNR-10 conference held in Grindelwals, Switzerland on 5-10 October 2014

  • The ITMNR-7 neutron radiography conference held in Canada

  • The first neutron radiography video of an operating aero-engine

  • Happenings in and around the MoD aircraft maintenance station at RAF St.Athan over the last 75 years

  • Listing of neutron radiography applications in science and engineering that have been investigated in depth

  • Early cold neutron imaging of automobile engines